Videos about the Pipeline

Videographer Roger Routh has compiled informative videos from the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition’s community meeting and our January strategic planning. Find them all here:

Planning the Resistance: Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition Strategic Planning>>

Coalition members are fired up and planning for an Iowa that future generations can be proud of. Clean water, healthy soils, and a sustainable economy are all part of Iowa’s pipeline-free future. Watch strategic planning meeting attendees talk about our Iowa here.

Various Voices Against the Pipeline>>

A compilation of voices against the pipeline are featured, and strategies for moving forward are discussed.

Dave Swenson, ISU Economics Professor, Critiques Economic Sense of Pipeline>>

In this video, Dr. Dave Swenson critiques pipeline economics reports commissioned by ETP, and offers his own analysis of the economic and fiscal impacts on the state of Iowa. 

Being a Good Neighbor in Iowa: Angie Carter of the Women, Food, and Agriculture Network>>

Angie Carter discusses what it means to be a good neighbor in Iowa, and how Iowa’s values don’t align with those of the proposed Bakken Pipeline.