Dave Swenson’s Economics Critique

Iowa State University economist Dave Swenson offers powerful critique against the proposed project’s purported economic and fiscal benefits to the state of Iowa.

Dave Swenson’s Critique: A Video

This video by Roger Routh showcases Dave Swenson’s presentation on economic critiques of the proposed project; the presentation was given to a packed auditorium of nearly 300 community members.

Economic Impacts Fact Sheet

Swenson’s fact sheet offers a guide to interpreting ETP’s controversial economic impact statement, and outlines the real fiscal benefit Iowa could receive — and it’s not much. To read ETP’s report that Swenson is critiquing, click here.

Economics Impacts PowerPoint 

On December 6th, 2014, Dave Swenson presented this PowerPoint to a packed auditorium at the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coaltiion community meeting. The presentation outlines the points made in his economics impacts fact sheet critiquing purported economic benefits to Iowans.