Join Us to Give Keystone XL The Boot!

Give Keystone XL The Boot March!

Sunday, August 6th at 3PM

Lincoln, Nebraska

All Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition supporters are invited to the “Give Keystone XL The Boot” march, Sunday, August 6, in Lincoln, Nebraska. The march, co-sponsored by Sierra Club,, and Bold Alliance, begins at 3PM. Stopping the Keystone (KXL), which has been given the go-ahead by President Trump, is absolutely critical if we are to avert climate chaos. And Nebraska is our best hope of doing so. (Register to attend here.)

While the Bakken/DAPL pipeline certainly will contribute to the disruption of our planet’s climate, the Keystone’s impact would be beyond devastating. Dr. James Hansen, who, in 1988, was the first climate expert to testify before Congress, says that “exploitation of tar sands” [which the Keystone XL would effectively ensure], “would make it implausible to stabilize climate and avoid disastrous global climate impacts.” In other words, the KXL represents the potential coup de grace for our climate.

We cannot and must not stand by and allow this to happen. If ever there was a cause worthy of our time and attention, Keystone XL is it. (Register for the August 6 march here.)

Information about ride sharing and possibly bus transportation will be announced soon. Likewise, we will let you know about possible overnight accommodations as soon as we can. Meanwhile, please put August 6th on your calendar and plan to support the critically important rally. (For more information and to register, click here.)

See you all on August 6th. Together, we can protect our planet’s climate for our children, grandchildren, and all generations to come.

In solidarity!