IUB, stop jeopardizing our public drinking water and natural resources for Dakota Access’ gain!

from Mark Edwards, a Boone County Water Protector

The three people comprising the Iowa Utilities Board do not understood their role in Iowa government even though they were appointed by a governor who has left the country and is not accountable. 

My complaint has three components: 1) The IUB is taking Dakota Access at their word without any check up for accuracy,  2) There is still construction taking place in Boone County,  3) Just because Dakota Access hires an unlicensed, out-of-state para-military security company to intimidate and harass the public does not mean the IUB should exclude the public from this process.

Dakota Access still does not have all the necessary permits to begin construction.  Therefore, the IUB must follow their own rules and rulings.  They must stop this out-of-state corporation from confiscating private land while jeopardizing our public drinking water and natural resources for the corporation’s personal gain.

Here is the complaint I filed on June 30, 2017:

I have been following the oversight the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) is to be providing for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Your records show the construction is 100% complete in the various counties, including Boone County where I live. For a few weeks now I have observed heavy equipment being used in various places along the pipeline route. I have attached a few pictures to illustrate this but have observed others. These construction activities fall under the construction mitigation plans and are not complete.

Please explain to me and the public why there is construction taking place still when the records say it is 100% finished.

I also would like to have the explanation in writing as to why there is construction taking place at all when it is positively clear that all the permits have not been given.

It is your job as public servants to hold this corporation accountable. Do so!

These two pictures are located at the valve on the east side of the Des Moines River.


In the following picture which is located just above the Des Moines River crossing on the west side you can see a large pipe, just to the right of center. There have been men, machinery and digging going on in this area. Access has been denied by Dakota Access so please inform us of what is taking place at this location which requires heavy machinery and digging.


In closing, when I have stopped on public property to document these violations I have been harassed by Dakota Access security. This behavior has become so intimidating that I had to call the Boone County Sheriff before the person who identified himself as “Todd” with Tiger Swan Security would leave me alone. Here is his license plate.



The recent decision by a federal judge ordering a review of the environmental concerns brought forward by the Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Sioux tribes opens the door for the state of Iowa to reconsider the permit
We encourage you to join Mark and fellow Iowans in submitting comments to the IUB and your local papers.