What sort of neighbor is Dakota Access?

Iowans have watched for over two years as Dakota Access bullied landowners and bulldozed through democratic public process in our state. It’s time we hold our state leaders accountable to welcoming such a bad neighbor. The Iowa Utility Board’s decision was not right or just. Currently, the Iowa Supreme Court is reviewing cases brought by landowners’ and the Iowa Sierra Club on behalf of all Iowans. We must continue to challenge the assumptions that Dakota Access has any right to be here–they don’t.

Here is a photo of Dakota Access working IN THE RAIN on farmland in Boone County in summer 2016.


And all that talk about “needing” the oil in this pipeline? Well, we know that Dakota Access is NOT contributing to energy independence–this oil is intended for export. How do we know this? We found this graphic from Dakota Access’ own report:

Dakota Access exports image

We continue to thank Iowans for standing up for our soil, our water, our climate. Our future depends upon the work we will do now–together–to hold our state leaders and Big Oil accountable.