POSTPONED: Stand with Water Protector Heather Pearson April 26th!


Heather’s trial has been postponed and will likely be May 5th. We will continue to update you as details are available, but for now please help spread the word that her trial on April 26th in Calhoun County has been POSTPONED.


April 19, 2017

We invite you to join with pipeline fighters and water protectors from across the Midwest as we stand with our sister, Water Protector Heather Pearson, for her day in court on April 26th in Rockwell City at the Calhoun County Courthouse (416 4th Street).

April 26th Stand with Water Protector Heather Pearson

8 am meet at Calhoun County Courthouse, Rockwell City, Iowa

12 noon Press Conference in front of Courthouse

Our presence outside the courthouse will send a strong message. We will assemble at 8 am to greet those entering the courthouse. At 12 noon, we will host a press conference to discuss what is at stake and to lift up Heather and the other water and climate protectors who are courageously standing up for ALL Iowans!

Heather Pearson was charged with trespassing even though she had the landowner’s permission to be on land taken by eminent domain by the State of Iowa for Dakota Access’ private pipeline.

We’ve been energized and vigilant ever since the three-person, politically-appointed Iowa Utilities Board, relying on empty promises and misinformation from Dakota Access, threw the safety of all Iowans under the bus by approving the DAPL pipeline last March.

On April 26th, the people of Iowa need to stand with Heather. She stood up for us. Now is our time to stand with her! We are on the right side of history and we won’t back down.

Join the BPRC and allies as we represent the public interest in protecting our precious land, our clean water, and a healthy climate that will support Iowa’s families and communities!

Stand with Water Protector Heather Pearson on behalf of our shared future!

(Please respect courthouse rules: no signs and no phones inside the courthouse. Pipeline fighter t-shirts are ok.)

PS—Please note that court dates can change at the last minute. We will update our website to reflect any changes in Heather’s trial information. Please check back here April 25th to make sure that all the information in this email is still the same.


Water Protector Heather Pearson; Photo: Kaylynn Lee Strain