Iowa Supreme Court Can & Must Revoke Dakota Access’ Permit!

Iowans Rally at Iowa Supreme Court!



Yesterday, we stood with Coalition partner Wally Taylor of the Iowa Sierra Club as he filed an appeal to the state supreme court on behalf of all of us.

The continued commitment and passion of Iowans are clear in the statements made by the rally’s speakers. You can watch the great livestream recorded by Coalition partner Iowa CCI here and catch WHO TV’s coverage here.

This Iowa lawsuit challenging the Dakota Access pipeline represents the continued resistance in our state to this toxic pipeline. For over two and a half years, we’ve been working together to shut this pipeline down. As Brenda Brink said loud and clear yesterday, this pipeline is for corporate profit and not for the public good of Iowans–the rule of law must prevail for the people of Iowa.

The pipeline is not a done deal. The state supreme court can and should revoke Dakota Access’ permit for the Bakken pipeline. Dakota Access is trespassing in our state–jeopardizing the health of our soil, water, communities and our future.

You can continue to follow our updates on our facebook page and our website. We will continue to organize together to stop this pipeline and to lift up the events organized by our Coalition partners and others across the state.

We thank all who continue to stand up in so many ways to stop the Dakota Access pipeline and to protect our home.

In solidarity,
Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition

Water protector Brenda Brink speaks at Iowa Supreme Court  Photo: Kari Carney