Environmental Impact Study MUST Include Iowa!

We have good news–there has been a win in our ongoing pipeline fight!

The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition (BPRC), composed of 30 Iowa organizations, is pleased that the federal government announced late last week that they are moving forward with the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Dakota Access’ Bakken Pipeline near the Missouri River in North Dakota. This decision validates the hard work of the Coalition and thousands of water protectors who, for more than two and a half years, have worked to protect our communities, lands, and waters.

What does this mean?

  1. The Army will do the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) under the terms established by the Obama administration, not the Trump administration.
  2. Dakota Access will not be able to complete its pipeline in the forseeable future.
  3. Because the pipeline will not be complete, the finances of Dakota Access and Energy Transfer Partners are going to hit the rocks as we keep divesting!
  4. We have to be persistent in our pipeline fighting and not allow the Trump administration to fast track some version of the Keystone pipeline and tie it into the already completed 800+ miles of Dakota Access.

“The persistence of the people in standing up and speaking out has led to this federal decision,” said Coalition member No Bakken Here’s Jonas Magram.

Last fall, our Coalition submitted 34,000 petitions to the U.S. Department of Justice calling for the full Environmental Impact Statement. This winter, Iowans have sent thousands of post cards and made hundreds of calls to the Army Corps of Engineers offices. We had face-to-face meetings with staff at the Omaha and Rock Island U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District offices calling for more scrutiny of the pipeline route in Iowa. We pursued this higher level because the Iowa Utilities Board, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and our local County Board of Supervisors refused to take responsibility for protecting our people and our state.

We applaud the efforts of everyday Iowans who participated in making the government work for the benefit of all, not just a private out-of-state corporation, to protect our lands and water. Yet, our Coalition has pushed for a full EIS since the fall of 2014. Indeed, the Iowa Utilities Board failed to require all permits to be obtained before allowing construction.



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US Army Corps of Engineers comment line for DAPL

“It is right to study the environmental impacts upon the Missouri River watershed, but this study must also include the entire route of the pipeline through Iowa, including the Mississippi River watershed, and other states impacted by this toxic crude oil pipeline. Ultimately, this study should find the environmental risks are far too great for this pipeline to ever carry oil,” said Coalition member Women, Food and Agriculture Network’s Angie Carter.

Thank you for all your work as we continue to protect our water, land, and communities!

The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition family

Photo: Paul Hellenschmidt

Photo: Paul Hellenschmidt