We need an EIS of the ENTIRE pipeline route!

Dear friends,

In early December, the Army Corps of Engineers under the Obama administration, issued an order for Dakota Access denied granting an easement to Dakota Access to construct their pipeline under Lake Oahe the Missouri River until a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was completed.

On January 18th, the US Army Corps finally filed a statement of intent for this study but only for Lake Oahe in ND. We know that this pipeline poses risk to all of our rivers. We need this study to include the Mississippi River watershed, too.

Will you make some calls today to demand that the Army Corps immediately fill a notice of intent?

Let them know that because this pipeline has the potential to harm so many and pollute the drinking water of millions, the Army Corps must also require a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the entire pipeline route. There is too much at stake to allow oil to flow or construction completed until this is done.

It is imperative that the process begin, now, before it is too late. Make the calls. Demand the Army Corps of Engineers files the notice of intent.

Please call or email:

Moria Kelley:

Colonial John Henderson Omaha District:
(888) 835-5971

US Army Corps of Engineers comment line for DAPL

Check into our facebook event page to let us know you did it and to share this information with your friends and family.

Thanks for all of your efforts! Together, we’ll keep working to shut this pipeline down!

In gratitude,
The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition family