Defund DAPL! Withdraw by January 14th

The #NoDAPL Mail Blitz team has come up with a new mail campaign and needs your help! You can join in from anywhere.

THE GOAL: Get banks to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline so the project is defunded.

HOW DO WE DO THAT? By withdrawing our money from banks supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline and instead investing in credit unions and community oriented/alternative banks. The goal is to do this by JANUARY 14, 2017.

Not sure if your bank is in on it? It probably is. Here’s a full list banks that are funding DAPL:


Peter Clay of Des Moines, Iowa moved his money from Wells Fargo! Join him.

Keep in mind these actions will not only support Standing Rock, but will also send an important message to the banks regarding their future investments: If you want our business, support socially and environmentally sustainable companies.

BONUS: Aside from the benefit of knowing your money isn’t going to support big oil interests, a lot of credit unions actually have better interest rates and services than many big banks!


  1. Find an alternative bank or credit union and open an account. See list below for resources on alternative options. If you haven’t already done so, join the Injustice Boycott:
  2. Write a letter to your bank telling them why you’re leaving. Here’s a template you can edit to make your own:
  3. Once your new account is open, move your money! When the transfers are done and you have access to your funds, close the old accounts, and make sure you tell the representative why.
  4. Go to and fill out the withdrawal tracker, so we can see how much money we’ve moved. As of this writing it’s a little over 22 million. By January 16th, let’s make it 50 million! 100 million?!
  5. Facebook event page is here. Invite your friends to join us!

Resources to look up credit unions and other options: