Water protectors along the Mississippi need your help!

Lee County has succumbed to pressure from Dakota Access to evict the peaceful Mississippi Stand camp.

We all live in the Mississippi watershed.  Many of you have joined with Mississipi Stand in direct actions the past weekends or have been following their efforts on facebook the past weeks as they work to stop Dakota Access from drilling beneath the Mississippi River near Sandusky. The resistance is working! We are putting Big Oil on the defensive. The camp was served with an eviction notice effective Thursday, October 6th.

We need you to make a call to the Lee County attorney today in solidarity with the Mississippi Stand camp. Also, we are asking that you contact the Lee County Supervisors and sheriff.

Lee County Attorney Mike Short:

319-524-9560 or 319-372-5673 and mshort@leecounty.org

Lee County Board of Supervisors:

319-372-6557 / 1-866-577-6342
rlarkin@leecounty.org Rick Larkin, Supervisor
gfolluo@leecounty.org Gary Folluo, Supervisor
mpflug@leecounty.org Matt Pflug, Vice Chair
dfraise@leecounty.org Denise Fraise clerk
rfedler@leecounty.org Ron Fedler, Chair

Lee County Sheriff:
Jim Scholl 319-372-1152 (or 319-524-1414 or 800-382-8900)

Let them know your name and where you’re from, that you oppose Dakota Access’ Bakken pipeline, and that they 1) must protect the right of the water protectors to peacefully assemble and 2) must immediately revoke the evacuation notice, and 3) stop all hostility toward the water protectors.

These water protectors represent thousands of Iowans opposed to this pipeline and thousands more nationwide who oppose the use of our land and rivers to further the private profit of Big Oil.


You are needed in Sandusky at the camp this week and weekend to show that our resistance is growing and strong, and we will not be bullied! Thank you for making calls and writing emails today, and then joining with water protectors at the river as soon as you can.


You can follow the Mississippi Stand camp updates via facebook or their website.

This bullying has to stop. Thank you for your help!

In solidarity,
The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition


Water protectors at Mississippi Stand camp on October 1st. Photo: Kathy Cullin Meyer