Holding Dakota Access Accountable

Thanks to our pipeline watchdogs, we’ve caught Dakota Access in some egregious disrespect of our Earth and violations of the law. We must shut this pipeline down in its entirety. As we work together toward that goal, our watchdogs will continue to represent the public good and to document violations. We need your help!


Dakota Access working in rain storm in Story County, Iowa. Photo: Brenda Brink

Did you know that Dakota Access IS NOT supposed to work in conditions that are sufficiently wet that a farmer wouldn’t work in them?

Did you know that we submitted a formal request to the Iowa Utilities Board to appoint a liaison for public complaints, and they refused?

We met with the Iowa Office of the Consumer Advocate in mid-September to air our complaints and they have given us a contact for our complaints.  Submit your videos, photos, and concerns to the Iowa Office of the Consumer Advocate’s John Long at 515-725-7200 and john.long@oca.iowa.gov.

If you’re seeing DA out constructing in the rain, report it.

If you’re seeing DA not separate soil horizons or taking proper precautions to not destroy drain tiles, report it.

If you’re experiencing intimidation, threat, and bullying from DA workers or security, report it.

Join us as a watchdog! Carolyn Raffensperger, from Science & Environmental Health Network, has put together a resource guide that you can download and use.


Dakota Access working in the rain. Story County, Iowa. Photo: Brenda Brink

Think this process puts undue burden on us as citizens when the state was supposed to protect the public good? We agree!


Dakota Access works in rain storm in Boone County, IA. Photo: Brenda Brink

Let your local and state legislators know what you think of this process that clearly favors Dakota Access over the public good of Iowans. This is an election year. From the County Board of Supervisors elections to our state senate races, hold our leaders accountable!

Dakota Access, as well as the politicians who have accommodated Big Oil’s degradation of our state, should be held accountable. Together, we will continue to document, resist, and shut down this toxic pipeline.

In addition, we also encourage you to keep the pressure on by reporting to your county inspector (contacts listed below) and the Iowa Utilities Board (contact listed below). Let the Iowa Utilities Board know what you think of their blatant disregard of the terms of their agreement with farmers, landowners, and all Iowans. 

You can also report violations and complaints to your county inspector:

For Boone, Buena Vista, Calhoun, Cherokee, Jasper, Keokuk,Mahaska,O’Brien, Sac, Sioux, Story, Wapello & Webster counties– Evan Del Val, PE

I & S Group

510 East Locust Street, Suite 104

Des Moines, IA 50309

Telephone: (515) 518-7097

Email: evan.delval@is-grp.com


For Jefferson & Van Buren counties– Heather A. Thomas, PE

French-Reneker-Associates, Inc.

1501 South Main Street

PO Box 135

Fairfield, IA 52556

Telephone: (641) 472-5145

Email: heathert@french-reneker.com


For Polk county

Jim Dress, Senior Engineering Technician

Polk County Public Works

5885 NE 14th Street

Des Moines, IA 50313

Telephone: (515) 286-3705

Email: jim.dress@polkcountyiowa.gov


For Lee county– Ryan Drenner, Chief Inspector

Chippewa Resources

1875 Lawrence Street

Suite 875

Denver, CO 80202

Telephone: (970) 430-3937

Email: rdrenner@chippewaresources.com


For Lyon county– DGR Engineering

1302 South Union Street

Rock Rapids, IA 51246

Telephone: (712) 472-2531

Email: dgr@dgr.com

The county inspector is a requirement of Iowa Code 479B.20. An inspector is required to ensure construction is consistent with Iowa law, land restoration standards, and independent agreements on land restoration. The inspector is to inspect the properties during construction and be present on the site at all times at each phase and separate activity of the opening of the pipeline trench, the restoration of underground improvements, and backfilling.

Dakota Access and its contractors are required to keep an inspector continually informed of the work schedule and any scheduled changes. If you believe Dakota Access and its contractors are not complying with the correct standards, report it.

The inspector is required–per the Iowa Utilities Board– to give oral notice, followed by written notice, to Dakota Access and its contractors and order corrective action to be taken in compliance with the appropriate standards. If the directed action is not taken, the inspector is to notify the County Board of Supervisors for the applicable county who may then petition the Iowa Utilities Board for an order requiring corrective action be taken. The County Board of Supervisors can also file a complaint with the Utilities Board seeking imposition of civil penalties.

Contact info for the Iowa Utilities Board:

  • Phone: Toll Free at (877) 565-4450 or Des Moines local at (515) 725-2731
  • Email: customer@iub.iowa.gov • Website:https://iub.iowa.gov/complaint-form
  • Letter: Iowa Utilities Board, 1375 East Court Avenue, Room 69, Des Moines, IA 50319
  • Fax: (515) 725-7399
  • In person: Iowa Utilities Board, 1375 East Court Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50319
  • Iowa Utilities Board office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.