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Obama must take a stand to stop the entirety of the Bakken/Dakota Access Pipeline

Add your name to the petition today & Join us Wednesday, Sept 14th  to deliver them.

Friday afternoon, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg in Washington denied the request of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe to halt construction on the Bakken pipeline. Following this decision, the Department of Justice, Department of the Army, and Department of the Interior then issued a statement that they are requesting Dakota Access to voluntarily halt construction within 20 miles of Lake Oahe and that they are not allowing construction near or under Lake Oahe. (Read more here).

This is not enough. The pipeline needs stopped, for good.

The Standing Rock Sioux have been on the frontline of the fight to stop the pipeline, which crosses over 200 river crossing (65 in Iowa) including the main drinking water source for the tribe, and crosses ancestral lands with sacred burial grounds – land that had belonged to the tribe through a treaty.

The Tribes were fighting the pipeline in court to protect their water and ancestral lands; and because the Army Corp of Engineers did not properly consult with the tribes, as is required by law.

The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition denounces Friday’s decision and we know that a temporary halt to a small section of the pipeline is not enough.

President Obama must take a stand and stop the pipeline in its entirety for once and for all.

Please join us to call on Obama to take a stand and stop the pipeline this Wednesday, September 14th.

Members of the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition will join forces to  deliver over 30,000 petition signatures calling on President Obama to revoke the existing Army Corp of engineer permits, deny the pending permits, honor the treaties with the tribes, and stop the Bakken Pipeline.

Where: Simon Estes Amphitheater
When: 10:00 Wednesday September 14
What: Petition Delivery and Rally

We need the president to weigh in on the Bakken Pipeline before it’s too late!

Sign the petition today.  Share with others. Join is Wednesday. Let’s make sure President Obama hears our voices.

Petitions will be delivered Wednesday, September 14.

Stay tuned for more information on the petitions and other ways to get involved here in Iowa as we work together to shut down this pipeline. Together, we will continue to stand up to Big Oil and protect our soil, water, and communities.

For a pipeline-free Iowa,
The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition


dji_0019Photo showing construction of pipeline in Boone County, Iowa