President Obama: Say No to the Bakken Pipeline!

Dakota Access is moving forward with construction of their dangerous Bakken Pipeline that is threatening our water, land and climate, yet President Obama has been silent.

It is time the President takes a stand! The President has made taking action on Climate Change one of his top priorities. He said no to the Keystone XL pipeline in large part because of the impact on our climate. Now, we need him to weigh in on the proposed Bakken Pipeline before it’s too late!


The regulatory authorities who granted approval for construction pushed this decision forward without due diligence.

  • They granted eminent domain for a project that doesn’t meet the criteria for this privilege
  • No Environmental Impact Statement or other stringent environmental evaluation was conducted despite the project crossing numerous rivers, streams and environmentally sensitive areas
  • There was no adequate consultation with the tribes, as required by law or consideration of tribal treaties — Check out this article that explains more

The President needs to take a stand to protect landowners’ and tribal rights, as well as our land, water, and climate.

Sign the petition today.  Share with others. Let’s make sure President Obama hears our voices.

Petitions will be delivered mid-September. Stay tuned for more information on the petitions and other ways to get involved here in Iowa as we work together to shut down this pipeline. Together, we will continue to stand up to Big Oil and protect our soil, water, and communities.

For a pipeline-free Iowa,
The Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition